My Tour Services

  • I craft and plan exciting, meaningful tours for first-time visitors and veteran travellers to Israel.

  • For individuals, families and small groups I am a guide/driver and can also arrange your accommodations throughout the country

  • For larger groups I can arrange transportation and driver while I guide. I can also connect you to excellent Israel land agencies for your accommodation needs. If you are organizing a group through an agent, you can request me as a guide. Agents generally honor requests for guides.

  • The range of my guiding work includes: family tours; single and multi-day hikes; hikes for active seniors; Christian pilgrimage tours; Jewish heritage tours; tours highlighting Biblical sites and geography; contemporary Israel tours; college and academic tours, and various Jerusalem-centered tours. My tours start from $220 (for half-days) and up.

Sometimes, return visitors or groups request specifically focused tours.
Here are some specialized tours and suggestions, for day-long or longer tours.

Hike the Land Of Israel

Stunning trails lace Israel’s hills, valleys, deserts and canyons, and invite you to discover Biblical landscapes with your feet and senses.

The Israel National Trail: This trail weaves through the length of Israel. We’ll hike contiguous segments by day, carrying day-packs, and enjoy evenings in comfortable lodgings.

Jerusalem Surroundings: Hills, terraces, ravines and springs surround Jerusalem. Accessible half-day and full-day hikes, ranging from gentle to challenging, will take us from the days of King David to the Independence War. Other sites can be blended in.

Active-Senior Hikes: For local hiking groups, individual clients, and tour and charity groups, I tailor  beautiful hikes, from half-day to multi-day, appropriate for mature walkers in moderate to good walking condition.

Land of Spirit and Struggle: Biblical Study Tours

With Bible in hand, we explore Biblical geography, routes and ruins, which will come alive. ‘I commend Allan,’ writes Paul H. Jones, Professor of Religion, Transylvania University(KY) ‘as a guide for people who are seriously interested in enlarging and deepening their knowledge of Biblical history and archaeology.’ Some sample tours below:

  • One-Day Negev Desert Loop (from Jerusalem): We’ll explore the desert of Abraham, Elijah, Israelite kings, ancient caravans, as well as Biblical imagery and desert silence.
  • The Dilemma of Masada: ‘Allan told the story of revolt and martyrdom,’ writes Rabbi David Levy of Temple Shalom, NJ, ‘through the eyes of the mother of a young child, painting a picture so vivid that it brought tears to the eyes of many.’ We’ll later visit the Dead Sea and adjacent sites.
Explore Your Jewish Roots

It will be my privilege to craft for you, your family, your synagogue or community group, the tour that will stir your Jewish heart, questions, wonder and pride. From Israel’s oldest synagogue to the birthplace of modern Israel, from the desert where Avraham wandered to the Western Wall, we explore our Jewish sources and future.

Heartbeat in Stone: Exploration in Jerusalem

My heart and roots dwell in Jerusalem. Many articles I have written on its corners, shrines, layers and characters. I explore, guide and share Jerusalem with passion. If appropriate, I encourage clients to do an all-day walking tour, from the Mt. of Olives to the Old City’s Jaffa Gate, with visits to major shrines. In addition, I have polished, for the return visitor, many half-day Jerusalem tours:

  • I Lift My Eyes: Jerusalem seen from a series of overlooks in and around the city.

  • In Search of Jeremiah: The City of David and First-Temple Jerusalem, as seen through the writings of this powerful, tormented prophet.
  • Herod’s Crown: We’ll re-create the city, as built by the controversial King Herod, that witnessed the rise of Christianity, the growth of rabbinic Judaism, and the destruction of the Second Temple.
  • The Jester in Jerusalem: the Ottoman city through the eyes of Mark Twain.
Christian Pilgrim Tours

As an observant Jew, to open the doors for Christian groups—of all denominations—to their ultimate spiritual experience is exhilarating for me. At Christian centers such as Capernaum, I present the historical, Jewish, social settings under the iron umbrella of Rome, while the pastor handles spiritual readings and interpretations. Christian hikers love following The Jesus Trail, from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.

Contemporary Israel

Israel, a small splinter in the tense Middle East, is a dynamic miracle of innovation, development and creative solutions to great challenges. Are you interested in seeing solar energy research? The founding home of drip irrigation? Or maybe you’d like to visit an absorption centre for Ethiopian immigrants, or an IDF border outpost. Such places, with advanced planning, can be part of a tour balancing the ancient with the modern.