About Allan Rabinowitz

In my mid-twenties I left Denver, CO, where I had worked for several years as a journalist, for Europe. Only after visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam did I decide to visit Israel, planning to stay six months. But Israel steadily pulled me in. I worked and studied Hebrew on a kibbutz, helped renovate a 500-year old house in the Kabbalistic centre of Safed, enrolled in an intense Jewish Studies program in Jerusalem, and then immigrated.

Starting a home in Jerusalem meant exploring my roots, back to six generations in the Jewish Quarter. I wondered, when I prayed at the Kotel (Western Wall), if I stood where my grandfather had stood.

Once married, Jerusalem became our home. I entered the two-year guide course and served in the army. With my journalistic background (including three travel guidebooks) I vividly, concisely present Israel’s complex history, geography and culture. For six years I wrote an Israel travel column for the Jerusalem POST, covering major sites and hidden gems (browse through the sampling in my article archive). My historical novel, THE DISCIPLE SCROLL (available as an e-book through Amazon), explores the life of the prophet Jeremiah. It has garnered many positive reviews.

In 2009, my wife, son and I trekked the entire Israel National Trail—almost 1,000 kms. (640 miles). During that tremendous experience, we raised $40,000 for ALS research in Israel. And I learned Israel still more deeply, with my feet and senses. Now, I guide groups and private clients along sections of the Israel Trail and local hiking trails.

Visitors here make personal, sometimes surprising discoveries: the young Catholic cancer patient receiving a written blessing from a Jewish scribe in Masada’s synagogue; the cynical journalist who cried and laughed while gazing at Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives, and the evangelical congregation sitting in meditative awe where the tabernacle once stood at Shilo.

I look forward to helping you create your own special connection to the multi-hued tapestry that is Israel.